Alternatives: rodent husbandry
Jennings M, Batchelor GR, Brain PF et al. Refining rodent husbandry: the mouse. Report of the Rodent Refinement Working Party. Lab Anim 1998; 32: 233-59.
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This report specifically deals with the husbandry of mice as they are the most commonly used rodent – future publications will cover other species. It reviews husbandry systems in the light of knowledge available in the published literature and of the professional experience of group members. The report recommends ways of improving husbandry and sets out ideal goals, giving the animals the benefit of the doubt where there is no objective definition of their needs. However, the authors recognized that provision of an ideal environment may not always be possible so recommendations are also made for achieving the best possible care (i.e. best practice) in the laboratory situation.